The Northeastern Juristiction of The United Methodist Church The Northeastern Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church
NEJ College of Bishops
The NEJ College of Bishops is made up of all residential and 
retired bishops who currently serve, or have served, 
one of the Episcopal areas of the Northeastern Jurisdiction.

2016 Residential:

Sudarshana Devadhar

Jeremiah J. Park

New Jersey
John R. Schol

New York
Thomas J. Bickerton

Peggy A. Johnson

Cynthia Moore Koikoi*

Upper New York
Mark Webb

Latrelle Easterling*

West Virginia
Sandra Steiner Ball

*2016 newly elected bishops


Bashore, George W.
Fisher, Violet L.
Grove, William Boyd
Hassinger, Susan W.
Irons, Neil L.
Ives, S. Clifton
Johnson, Alfred
Lyght, Ernest S.
Matthews, Marcus
May, Felton
Middleton, Jane Allen
Morrison, Susan M.
Skeete, F. Herbert
Stith, Forrest C.
Weaver, Peter D.
White, C. Dale
Yeakel, Joseph H.

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